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Cape Enniberg Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Cape Enniberg is a 754 metre vertical sea cliff making it the world’s tallest vertical sea cliff. Enniberg is situated on the island Viðoy in the unbelievable Faroe Islands.

Enniberg is the northernmost point in the archipelago. The sheer cliff is a well known landmark throughout the history of the Faroe Islands. There is an immense bird life at Cape Enniberg.

You can experience Enniberg from above by hiking from the village Viðareiði or from below on one of the boat trips that pass by the famous sea cliff. You will do a hike moderate in difficulty in order to reach the breathtaking scenery on the cliff’s top.

Boat tours to Cape Enniberg depart from Klaksvík, which is the main town in the northern part of the Faroe Islands. Boat tours will let you experience the immense volcanic wall from sea level.

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