Tindhólmur Travel Guide

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Tindhólmur is a stunning islet located next to Vagar island in the Faroe Islands. The craggy islet is known for its spiky shape.

The islet holds extreme contrasts. One side of the islet is pure green hillside all the way to the top. The sothern face of Tindhólmur is sheer basalt cliff.

The islet Tindhólmur captured from a boat. Photo by @chrisroams on Instagram.

There are merely sheep on the uninhabited islet. A great spot to see Tindhólmur is from the village Bøur.

You will get really close to Tindhólmur when joining a Drangarnir Sea Arch Boat Tour. These tours depart from the marina in the nearby village Sørvágur.

The westernmost part of Tindhólmur is quite flat. Here is a lovely plateau with several small lakes in it.

When you reach the most westerly area, you will get to a large are only with basalt. There is a picture-perfect view of Tindhólmur from this part of the islet. The islet will rise prominently here.

Tindhólmur when standing on the flat land area on the islet. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

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