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Faroe Islands in August | An Unbeatable Guide

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Are you planning to visit Faroe Islands in August? What is the weather like in August? What are the best sight to see and best things to do during this late summer month? Read ahead for all you need to know about visiting Faroe Islands in August.

The Faroe Islands is a mountainous archipelago sitting isolated in the North Atlantic Ocean. The cluster of islands are a draw for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The undiscovered isles lend itself well to the perfect late-summer holiday. August is the optimal month to take in all the breathtaking sights around the country. You will get outdoor in nature and experiencing life at a slower pace.

The remote village Gásadalur on Vágar island in the evening. You will get to this settlement after driving along stunning coastline and finally a tunnel.

There are lots of activities to join and the long days of sunlight will secure you time to reconnect with nature and sensational views. All sights and activities are all within easy reach.

Faroe Islands in August is all about emerald-green mountaintops and undiscovered valleys. And the unspoiled archipelago will let you escape the crowds and venture into rugged landscapes.

You will get the perfect view of the iconic island Koltur from the mountain pass Norðradalsskarð on Streymoy island. Photo by @soh.nomadic on Instagram.

The fjords are carved out of the ocean and they make up 18 otherworldly beautiful islands that rise straight out of the North Atlantic Ocean. There is a great fusion of sights and culture throughout the islands all accessible in August.

This article will get yourself well prepared for your holiday in the Faroe Islands in August. Whether you want to get about by car or by joining guided day tours, we have got you covered in this guide to August in the Faroe Islands.

What to do in Faroe Islands in August

Puffin in Mykines. This is the number one attraction in August. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

One thing you really want to do is to admire the puffins on Mykines. If you fancy a peaceful jaunt on a remote island, you should definitely go for Mykines. August is the very end of the Mykines season as this is the last month of the year to enjoy the soundtrack of thousands of sea birds in Mykines. The puffin island Mykines closes for tourists on 31 August.

Now, there is so much more to Faroe Islands in August than Mykines. Here you will find a list of unmissable things you will want to do in the Faroe Islands this last month of the short Faroese summer.

Some of the most easy accessible islands also offers extraordinary sights in August. Go for the islands Vágar, Streymoy, Eysturoy and Borðoy for some of the main summer attractions.

One of the great spots to visit is the mountain ridge Klakkur on Borðoy island. Here you will witness endless beauty after a short and easy hike from the town Klaksvík. When in Klaksvík, you can also take a look at the reconstructed farmstead Nólsoyar Páls húsið where the country’s legend and sailor Nólsoyar Páll used to live.

Faroe Islands Weather in August

​Highlight cattle in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

You will experience days with lots of daylight in the first half of August. Then it slowly starts getting darker in the evening as September is getting near.

In early August you will have more than 17 hours of light. At the end of the month there are 14.5 hours of daylight there for you to explore all the many nature sights.

 Sunrise TimeSunset TimeHours of Light
August 1st04.5422.1117 hrs 17 mins
August 31st06.1420.3814 hrs 23 mins

I never gets really warm in the Faroe Islands. August is among the warmest months though with an average temperature around 11°C (52°F).

The chilled temperature is perfect for any outdoor explorer. You will have endless fresh air for any all those activities that you want to join.

The lush green hillside in August. Photo by @soh.nomadic on Instagram.

The Faroe Islands are known as the land of maybe. You will understand this saying when you experience several season within the same day. One minute you will enjoy the calm sea and the next minute your hat is blown off on wind-whipped hills.

The weather tends to be pretty unpredictable. That said, you will still get glorious days whenever you visit. August’s typical weather will suit you nicely.

Fossá waterfall
​Fossá is the largest waterfall in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Victoria Ostapova known as @vialma on Instagram.

Visiting Faroe Islands in August is for those who wants an extraordinary experience far away from city life. You will find those magic little moments worth travelling for.

There are very few people around the islands. The uncrowded nature gives you lot of space and comfort when exploring all the stunning attractions.

The extraordinary scenery at Trælanípa. Lake Leitisvatn is the largest of its kind in the Faroe Islands.

Feeling inspired to visit the Faroe Islands? Or have you now decided to visit in August? Learn all about how to get to the Faroe Islands by plane and take the next step.

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