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The 7 best hotels in the Faroe Islands

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Wondering what are the best hotels in the Faroe Islands? Where to stay in Tórshavn?  We guide you to the best accommodation in the Faroe Islands. Find your preferred option, the luxury hotels, value hotels and boutique hotels in Faroe Islands here.

As much as the Faroe Islands have enough to offer visitors, there is a shortage of hotels and especially hotels in Tórshavn. Luckily the Faroe Islands also offer a variety of different accommodation.

Ranging from cottages and camping to urban AirBnB dwellings, you are sure to find a place to stay even if hotels are not available. Here are our top seven picks of the Faroe Islands hotels.

7. Hotel Havgrím – Best seaside boutique hotel

Breakfast view when staying at Hotel Havgrím.

​Housed in a magnificent mid-century villa right by the Tórshavn seafront, Havgrím Seaside Hotel 1948 opened its doors for visitors in 2018. It quickly become the hotel of choice for travellers who want a cosy boutique hotel experience without compromising on neither quality or location. This is the best place to take in relaxing sea views.

Hotel Havgrím is only a few minutes walk from the historic fort Skansin. You are also within easy walking distance to the Tórshavn town centre and the sod-roofed government buildings Tinganes.

For updated prices, check Hotel Havgríms’s website.

6. Hotel Tórshavn – Best city hotel

Hotel Tórshavn in the capital’s city centre.

3-star Hotel Tórshavn is uniquely placed overlooking the lively Tórshavn Marina. For special occasions or just to spoil yourself and your loved one, ask for the Bridal Suite that includes an in-room jacuzzi with the best view in town overlooking both the sea and the old town Tinganes.

Hotel Tórshavn is placed in the middle of the restaurant district. During weekends you will find the Tórshavn nightlife conveniently right outside your doorstep.

For updated prices, check Hotel Tórsavn’s website.

5. 62°N Hotel – Best 3-star hotel

A double room at the 3-star 62°N Hotel in the city centre.

​3-star 62°N Hotel is located right in the middle of Tórshavn’s vibrant shopping district. Its clean and reasonably priced rooms will suit all kinds of budget travellers.

62°N Hotel lies within walking distance to all Tórshavn sights. You are close to transportation options to take you further afield.

For updated prices, check 62°N Hotel’s website

4. Gjáargarður – Best hotel off the beaten track

The grass-roofed guesthouse in the village Gjógv on Eysturoy island.

If you are looking for a unique guesthouse experience far from the crowds, you will not be disappointed by Gjáargarður. Tucked away in the little picturesque village of Gjógv, Gjáargarður Guesthouse treats you to unspoiled natural surroundings and calm village life outside your doorstep. The grass-roofed guesthouse is located on Eysturoy island.

For updated prices, check Gjáargarður’s website.

3. Hotel Hafnia – Best downtown Tórshavn hotel

Hotel Hafnia is located in Tórshavn city centre. There is a restaurant in the hotel and a café alike.

3-star Hotel Hafnia has long been the hotel of choice for leisure and business travellers looking for high quality accommodation right in the centre of Tórshavn. All rooms are newly renovated with a boutique touch to them. The location could not get more central or convenient.

You will only walk a few meters to get to Tinganes for a stroll around the historical houses or to your evening meal at the grass roofed restaurant district Heima í Havn. The Tórshavn marina is also just around the corner.

For updated prices, check Hotel Hafnia’s website.

2. Hotel Brandan – Best sustainable hotel

The green hotel in the capital, Tórshavn.

Hotel Brandan is the first and only Green Key hotel in the Faroe Islands. The 124-room and 4-star hotel is built on green solutions from energy to water.

You will experience high quality when staying at Hotel Brandan. The service here is great. Make sure to dine at the hotel’s own restaurant Húsagarður, which is one of the absolute best restaurants in the Faroe Islands.

For best prices, check Hotel Brandan’s website.

1. Hotel Føroyar – Best luxury hotel

Hotel Foroyar - Guide to Faroe Islands
Hotel Føroyar lies in quiet surrounding on the hillside outside of the capital Tórshavn.

At Hotel Føroyar, a 4-star hotel located above Tórshavn, you will meet free ranging sheep outside your bedroom window, and on the inside you will be treated to spacious modern rooms and a great on-site restaurant.

Going for a walk in the mountains only require you to leave your room – the hike starts from the front door. Recently fitted out with a new gym, spa, wellness centre and nicely decorated with local modern art, this hotel is the choice of dignitaries and celebrities visiting the Faroe Islands.

For updated prices, check Hotel Føroyar’s website.

All hotels in the Faroe Islands come with free WiFi. You will also get a good breakfast on all hotels.

Are you ready to experience the Faroe Islands? Take your plans to the next step and start browsing day tours and activities in the Faroe Islands.

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