Borðoy Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Borðoy is the main island in the northern part of the Faroe Islands. This area of the archipelago is usually referred to as the Northern Islands.

You will find Klaksvík on Borðoy island. Klaksvík is the second largest town i the Faroe Islands. The highest mountain on the island is Norðan fyri Lokkaskarð (772 m).

In Klaksvík you will find everything from grocery stores to cafés and a good indoor swimming hall. Klaksvík is known for being the fishing centre in the Faroe Islands with a variety of fishing vessels along the harbour.

The main attraction on Borðoy island is the vantage point Klakkur. The epic nature scenery at Klakkur is easy to reach from the city Klaksvík.

Klaksvík on Borðoy island. Photo by thibault on Instagram.

Borðoy island is home to the uninhabited village Múli. The last villagers left the settlement in 1992 only years after the road to the village was finished.

Múli plays a significant role in the crime drama TROM. The TV-series was partially filmed in Múli.

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