Slættaratindur Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Slættaratindur is the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands located on the island of Eysturoy. It translates directly into the Plain Mountain Peak due to the summit’s flat surface. The mountain elevates 880 meters (2887 feet) above sea level.

Slættur means flatt and indeed the summit is smooth enough for Faroese dancing and for photo opportunities in all directions. The flat area on the very top of Slættaratindur is roughly 1000 square meters.

Slættaratindur is accessible throughout the year. The hike to Slættaratindur is popular among locals and travellers alike. You should watch out for icy surface during winter from November to April. The path is not visible in snow so it is not recommendable to venture up the mountain on your own during the winter season.

The easiest route to the top is from Eiðisskarð mountain pass west of Funningur and east of Eiði. Both villages sit on the foot of the mountain. Park your car at Eiðisskarð. Parking here will cut the climb to the top by half. You will hike 500 metres uphill. The hike will take 2 hours or less.

Particularly in clear weather, you will see the entire archipelago from this location. You will have a great view of the sea stacks, Risin & Kellingin, when standing on the northern part of the summit. 

If you want to see Slættaratindur from a distance then head to Haldórsvík. This village on Streymoy island will give you a good view of the entire mountain. You will also see the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands from the vantage point Hvíthamar.

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