Tjørnuvík Travel Guide

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Tjørnuvík (pronounced ‘Chu-nu-vik) is the northernmost village on Streymoy island in the Faroe Islands tucked in the North Atlantic Ocean. Tjørnuvík is nestled in a deep valley with no other villages in sight.

There are no more than 55 houses in the village and even more small streams flowing down the mountains. The sight is especially impressive on rainy days. Tjørnuvík is a destination that travellers never regret prioritising on their vacation in the Faroe Islands.

​The remote village Tjørnuvík. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

The winding road from the nearest village Haldórsvík to Tjørnuvík is quite narrow. You will drive to Tjørnuvík along a steep hillside with breathtaking views.

This iconic village with a direct view of the sea stacks Risin & Kellingin is a must-see spot to visit in the Faroe Islands. Standing in Tjørnuvík will give you a feeling of immense serenity. This settlement’s unbeatable location has made it one of the most frequently visited villages in the Faroe Islands.

There is a lovely beach in Tjørnuvík which is the most popular surfing spot in the Faroe Islands. The houses in Tjørnuvík are nestled along the beach.

On most days there will be skies hanging above the village due to the height of the surrounding mountains. During the winter months, you will not see the sun in Tjørnuvík as it will never reach above the steep mountains.

Photo by Michael Franz known as @maufderlauer on Instagram.

Visitors can venture into the mountains and go hiking between Tjørnuvík and Saksun. The path is public and the trek takes three hours and can be done all year round at no cost.

If you want to experience the attraction Mýlingur, the hike to this spiky mountain and sheer cliff starts from Tjørnuvík. Hiking to Mýlingur takes two hours.

It takes an hour to drive from the capital Tórshavn to Tjørnuvík. The village is also an hours ride from the airport in the Faroe Islands.

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