Hvalvík Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Hvalvík is a village on Streymoy island in the far-away Faroe Islands. The village holds the oldest wooden church in the archpelago.

The river Stórá runs through the village. This is a good place for salmon fishing in the Faroe Islands.

There are several foaming streams descending the wild mountains surrounding Hvalvík. You will see the fascinating streams easily wherever you are located in the village.

This village is the gateway to the famous village Saksun. When heading from Hvalvík to Saksun, you will drive long Saksunardalur valley for 10 kilometres. You will be surrounded by high mountains at all times. There are a number of stunning waterfalls along the route.

From Hvalvík there is a great hiking route cross the hills to Leynavatn. The captivating mountain Sneis (745 m) and Ørvisfelli (784 m) with its panoramic view make interesting climbs.

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