Faroe Island in May | The Ultimate Guide

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Will you be travelling to the Faroe Islands in May? Do you know what the weather is like in May? What will the temperature be like? Which activities can you do this time of year? What are the most popular things to do and see in May? Continue reading and get everything you need to know about Faroe Islands in May.

Every month in the Faroe Islands is unique. May is the month when more travellers start to embark on their vacation in the untouched archipelago to experience eye-catching sceneries and endless beauty.

The most important thing for you to know when visiting Faroe Islands in May is that throughout this month most tours and activities open. The Faroe Islands are awash with attractions. Fortunately, most options are available in May.

The famous Gásadalur waterfall on Vágar island. The free-falling waterfall is an outstanding experience in May. Gásadalur is one of the most visited small villages in the Faroe Islands. The village is only a 15 minutes’ drive from Vagar Airport. Photo by Riska Parakeet on Shutterstock.

You can do puffin tours, you can go fishing, horseback riding, sightseeing, mountain biking, hiking just to mention a few of those activities that are waiting for you to be explored.

The most popular tours to do in May are puffin tours to Mykines and boat tours to the sea cliffs in Vestmanna. Tours to these attractions are done daily.

Faroe Islands Weather in May

Mykines opens up for travellers on 1 May each year. Photo by Larry on Flickr.

May is one of the driest months in the Faroe Islands. Still, with an average of 250 annual days with more than one shower, expect some splashes of rain every third day when visiting Faroe Islands in May.

​There is an average of 4 hours of visible sun each day in May. Together with June that is more hours of sunshine than any other month in the archipelago. 

A view to remember. This is what you get to experience on the Drangarnir Boat Tour departing from Vágar island. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

Daylight hours increase drastically in May. At the beginning of May you can wake up just after 5:00am to daylight and the sun will go down 16,5 hours later at 21:30pm.

At the end of May the total hours of daylight has risen to 19 hours. It gets light at 4:00am in the morning and the evenings are bright until 23:00pm. There are only 5 hours of darkness in late May.

 Sunrise TimeSunset TimeHours of Light
May 1st05.1321.3816 hrs 24 mins
May 31st03.5522.5619 hrs 00 mins

These long days will give you lots of time to explore all the attractions all across the isles. Both early mornings and late evenings are the most peaceful times of the day. Sitting somewhere in nature just enjoying the stillness at sunrise or sunset is an attraction in itself.

There is usually snow in the mountains in May. The ice is melting and new snow is very rare in May. As it slowly gets warmer and as days grow longer, flowers start blossoming and the grass covered mountains will slowly start to green up.

The average temperature in May is 9 °C (48 °F). It usually feels warmer than the average temperature as there are so many extra hours of sunlight. The weather in the Faroe Islands is unpredictable but May is one of those months where you can expect the weather to be quite stable.

Savvy travellers know that good preparing is essential when planning your vacation. This also applies to the list of things to pack for travel in the Faroe Islands. Base layers (tights/leggings) is still a good thing to bring with you to the Faroe Islands in May as well as a windproof jacket.

Even though the weather is getting milder, you can expect days when especially boat tours are cancelled due to wind and sea waves. This applies to popular tours such as Mykines and Vestmanna Bird Cliffs. 

Things to do in May in Faroe Islands

Klæmintsgjógv on inside Hestur island is the world’s largest sea cave. Photo by Mortan Mortensen.

A holiday in Faroe Islands in May gives you the chance to partake in lots of activities, ranging from serene nature experiences to the adrenaline fuelled. Some of the main attractions in the Faroe Islands open in May.

The ferry to Mykines starts sailing on 1 May. This is also when puffins come to breed on Mykines, which is the most westerly island. There are several tour operators offering you a day tour to Mykines.

​There are countless puffins in Mykines in May. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

Boats to Mykines depart from the marina in the village Sørvágur, which lies next to the only airport in the Faroe Islands. Make sure to check out the complete guide to Mykines if you plan a tour to the island renowned for is many puffins.

The boat to the bird cliffs in Vestmanna starts during this period. The Vestmanna Bird Cliffs are popular among travellers and will let you experience sheer cliffs and lots of different birds. Boats to the sea cliffs known as Vestmannabjørgini depart from the village Vestmanna on Streymoy island.

Check rates and availability for the original Vestmanna Sea Cliffs Boat Tour. The tour departs from the harbour in Vestmanna. There are great parking options next to the boat dock.

​The sea cliffs in Vestmanna. Photo by Ólavur Frederiksen.

Rib-boat tours to the world’s largest sea cave Klæmintsgjógv start in May. Sailing into the caves in Hestur island is a life changing experience. You will go ashore in this 350,000 cubic meters cave when you are 200 metres into it. Along the way you will experience the unparalleled crystalline ocean.

Many sightseeing tours to some of the main attractions in the Faroe Islands will depart more often from May. This gives you more options for doing day tours to Saksun and the tidal lagoon there, to the remote village Tjørnuvík and the beautiful island Kalsoy in the northern part of the country. All these places are jam-packed with views that are truly magical.

​You will see sheep everywhere and in May there will be thousands of baby lambs on the lush green hillsides. Photo by @rapalizzi11 on Instagram.

If you are a traveler at hearth, May is the perfect month for you to maximise your vacation in Faroe Islands. There are lots of options for exciting activities and unbelievable nature tours waiting for you to be experienced.

May is the first month when Mykines is open for visitors and puffins are coming to the island. This is also the month when you will see lots of cute baby lambs all across the archipelago.

Do you feel inspired to take a break in the Faroe Islands? Check out flights to the Faroe Islands and make sure to add some day tours when you take the next step.

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