The 12 Most Amazing Outdoor Activities in the Faroe Islands

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Which outdoor activities are available in the Faroe Islands? How can you join the best things to explore after your plane has landed ? Read on to find out everything you ever wanted to know about outdoor activities in the Faroe Islands, how to book them & more!

The Faroe Islands attract adventurous visitors from around the world. Drawn by unspoiled landscapes, travellers fly in to spend some precious time in the great outdoors.

Before you pack your luggage and head out, take some time to book activities for your Faroe Islands holiday. Take advantage of the pre-booking option of activities below and make the most of every minute in the Faroe Islands.

Once you unbuckle your seat belt at Vágar airport, you are then well-prepared and all set for a fantastic trip. Enjoy your stay!

12. Hike to Kallur Lighthouse

The stunning scenery at Kallur Lighthouse on Kalsoy island.

Kallur Lighthouse is one of the main landmarks in the Faroe Islands. Travellers come here to unwind and soak in the unforgettable scenery. Hiking is the ultimate outdoor activity for globetrotters. The best and safest way to enjoy nature here is with a local guide.

Book your Kalsoy Island & Kallur Lighthouse Tour. Several weekly departures all the year round.

11. Marvel the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

The sky-high cliffs seen when joining the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs boat tour.

The Vestmanna Sea Cliffs are spectacular. These mighty rock formations and walls will make a lasting impression.

Book your Boat Tour to the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs. Tours are made daily from April to October.

10. Go Horseback Riding on Streymoy Island

Horseback riding will secure you an unforgettable experience.

Horseback riding is fun and relaxing. Horse-riding with beautiful mountains as a backdrop makes everything even more special.

Book your Horse Riding Tour on Streymoy island. Guided tours are made all months of the year.

9. Paddle to Fossá Waterfall

Fossá Waterfall on Streymoy island lies next to the coast.

Fossá is the tallest waterfall in the Faroe Islands. You will dodge the crowds when exploring this famed attraction from a coastline perspective.

Book your Kayaking Tour to Fossá Waterfall. Tours available from May to September.

8. Sail to Drangarnir Sea Arch

Boat tours to Drangarnir Sea Arch gives you a unique opportunity to get close to this famous attraction.

Drangarnir Sea Arch is among the top attractions in the archipelago. Let an expert local captain sail you to this nature gem and your experience of the isles is complete.

Book your Boat Tour to Drangarnir. The tour also includes a visit to Múlafossur waterfall from the seaside. Boat tours are made throughout the year.

7. Join a “See It All” Sightseeing Tour

The secluded village Gjógv on Eysturoy island.

A top rated guided sightseeing tour to some main attractions on Streymoy island, Eysturoy island and Vágar island is worthwhile. This is the perfect wish list-worthy getaway for a day.

Book your See It All Sightseeing Tour. Pickup in the capital Tórshavn in the morning all year round.

6. Take a Helicopter Around Vágar Island

Joining a helicopter sightseeing ride is truly remarkable.

Fly in a helicopter over fjords, mountains and untouched lakes. That is absolutely amazing. It gives you this feel of is-this-really-happening? It is, and you can join the ride with Atlantic Airways too!

Book your Helicopter sightseeing tour. This activity is available in the high season from mid June to mid August.

5. Follow a Shepherd to Kirkjubøur

Highland cattle roam on the grassy slopes on some islands.

Follow a shepherd on his weekly chores. This is as authentic as it gets. You can join the authenticity and even get close to sheep and the cute ginger red highland cattle with their hairy fringe.

Book your Hike With a Shepherd. Tours are made weekly.

4. Ride a Rib-Boat to the World’s Largest Sea Cave

rib62 Faroe Islands
Sailing the impressive caves on Hestur island.

Hestur island is home to the world’s largest sea cave. Hidden deep in the island’s rocky basalt are caves larger than the most famed cathedrals.

Book your Rib-Boat Tour to the Hestur island Caves. Tours are made on all weekdays from May to August.

3. Sightseeing Vágar Island

Múlafossur waterfall lies in the remote village Gásadalur.

Vágar island is home to some of the most renowned attractions in the Faroe Islands. From Gásadalur and the waterfall there to the “floating lake” Leitisvatn as seen from Trælanípan. You can explore both and more on a guided tour with an expert local guide.

Book your Classic Tour of Vágar. Tours are made both summer and winter.

2. Bike to Beautiful Norðradalsskarð Mountain Pass

Cycling in the Faroe Islands
Cycling in the Faroe Islands is amazing no matter the season.

Bike the meandering network of well-maintained roads in the Faroe Islands. It gives you both exercise and unbelievable sights to behold. Hit the road with a guide as you step on the pedal out of Tórshavn into the wilderness.

Book your Biking Tour to Norðradalsskarð. Tours are made all year round.

1. Greet the Farmer on Svínoy Island

Greet the local farmer on the remote Svínoy Island. This experience will add a lot of authenticity to your time in the Faroe Islands. Taste the juicy handcrafted produce and feel the warm hospitality far away from the crowds.

Book your Farm Experience on Svínoy Island. You can visit the farm during the summer months form May to August.

Booking guided activities in the Faroe Islands will let you experience the unmatched qualities of the island group. From secluded villages to wide-open space.

What are you waiting for? Plan ahead now for all the special moments in the Faroe Islands. Book your activities now and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

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