7 Things Faroe Islanders Love About Faroe Islands Tourism

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Tourism in the Faroe Islands has been on a rise in recent year. What do Faroe Islanders love about tourists in Faroe Islands? How can you be even more welcomed as a tourist? Keep on reading and learn everything about tourism in the Faroe Islands.

Travellers come to the Faroe Islands to experience the unbelievable nature and uncrowded streets even at the most popular attractions. But did you know that the Faroe Islands is one of the friendliest countries to visit?

Kalsoy island. Photo by Roland Vogt.

The locals are welcoming travellers from around the world as the number of tourists is growing steadily. Tourism adds a great deal of new opportunities for the Faroe Islanders and this is the main reason why people in all corners of the country are happy to see visitors in their region.

Nestled alone in the North Atlantic Ocean far away from nearby neighbouring countries, the Faroe Islanders have been used to their role as a remote, unnoticed and hugely isolated archipelago. Now, things are starting to change.

Thanks to the attention that the Faroe Islands has got in media and pushed forward by lots of great photos on Instagram, people are turning their eyes towards the tidy spot on the map. Looking closer at this cluster of islands opens up a world where nature is astonishingly beautiful and the culture brilliant.

Here are the main reasons why you are being welcomed to the islands by the locals. These things make Faroe Islanders love tourists in the Faroe Islands just as much as travellers are falling in love with the Faroe Islands when they experience the 18 rocky islands first-hand.

7. More vibrant Towns

Play some chess at Essabarr in Tórshavn. The bar is popular among travellers and the locals alike.

The towns are more vibrant with tourists in the streets. With a total population of only 53,000 inhabitants, people are happy to see new faces in town. Bars such as Essabarr and Sirkus Föroyar in Tórshavn are now more crowded and funnier to experience than ever thanks to tourists enjoying a lager beer or roasted coffee.

Especially the younger generation like Tórshavn and other towns on a constant move. The growing number of tourists contribute to a good atmosphere, they add their magic to the Faroe Islands’ nightlife and make the ambitious young people feel more connected to the world out there. 

6. New Restaurants and Cafés

Cafés in the Faroe Islands are pupping up all over the archipelago. This is inside Fiskastykkið in the village Sandavágur on Vágar island.

There used to be only few cafés and restaurants outside of the capital. Now, due to an increase in tourism, restaurants are popping up in new places where people never dreamed of being able to sip a cup of tea or eat local food served in stunning surroundings.

On the southernmost island Suðuroy, you have some great options. Visit Café Mormor, a cosy retro café, and the café Glasstovan with brunch, fish soup and other delicious courses on the menu.

In the hillside village Velbastaður on Streymoy island, you can dine with the farmers Anna & Óli when joining their popular Heimablídni supper club. The name refers to home hospitality which gives you the unique chance to enjoy intimate dining in people’s homes.

In Gásadalur on Vágar island you will now find, besides the famous Múlafossur Waterfall, the new guesthouse Gásadalsgarður also serving local delicacies or you can drop by the stylish Fiskastykkið café in the village Sandavágur also on Vágar island. Small villages and towns are now home to new gastronomical initiatives, thanks to travellers visiting the Faroe Islands.

5. Basements are furnished

Have you become a Super Hosts? People in the Faroe Islands love talking about their Airbnb rentals. This basement apartment for travellers is situated in Tórshavn city centre.

People are sharing their basements and even their entire house with tourists. Airbnb in Faroe Islands is blooming and people simply love the opportunity to welcome travellers to their homes. Basements are furnished and dark windows in abandoned houses are now shining bright.

With a very limited hotel capacity, people’s homes are an important part of how travellers are accommodated in the Faroe Islands. People all over the country are sharing their homes with the foreign guests adding significantly to the effect of spreading the value of tourism across the country.  

4. Opportunity for cultural exchange

Tourists give the locals a new and great opportunity to be inspired by people from around the world. Whether you are sitting beside someone on a ferry to one of the top attractions in the Faroe Islands or if you are shopping groceries or local products in a store, people are always interested in a conversation.

Everyone understands English in the Faroe Islands and most people also speak good English. Many people also see tourists as a fantastic way to improve their English skills and to learn about foreign cultures and lifestyles.

3. Stabilising the economy

Hotel constructions like this one has a stabilising effect on the economy. Hotel Brandan opened on 1 July 2020 and lies just beside the main sports area in Tórshavn. Photo by Ólavur Frederiksen.

New hotels are being built which is good for construction entrepreneurs, architects and subcontractors such as plumbers, carpenters, and painters. These projects are also good for the country’s economy and stabilise the Faroe Islands’ population which has been unsteady for many years.

There has been a decrease in the population during economically hard times in the Faroes, especially as an effect of poor fishing stocks which is the country’s main source of income together with salmon farming. Now travellers are starting to slowly add value to the Faroe Islands’ economy and, hence, contributes positively to the demographic development and local future. Put differently, you are making a difference in the world when travelling to the Faroe Islands.

2. Flights to New Destinations

Branding video by Atlantic Airways made for the locals. Watch and learn some Faroese!

New flight routes are opening to the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islanders are fond of their chance to travel to new destinations. There have been daily flights to Copenhagen for many years, but now there are also direct flights to Faroe Islands from Barcelona, Paris, Edinburgh, Reykjavík and other destinations.

The local airline company, Atlantic Airways, is planning to open a route between New York and Vagar Airport. The Faroe Islanders are looking forward to this new route which is enabled by the increased interest in travels to the Faroe Islands. This will be the first time for the Faroe Islands to be connected directly to North America.

1. Exciting jobs in nature

How can you anything but love to show these untouched landscapes to tourists? New tour guides are starting in business due to a growing interest for the Faroe Islands.

Nature enthusiasts are to an increased extent offering tourists tours in nature. Tourism is still not huge here so most people have their daytime work but during weekends, vacations and also after work, people love hiking with travellers, doing outdoor activities, inviting tourists for a dinner or showing them cultural sights across the country.

There are also sceptical voices to the increased tourism and some people are worried about over-tourism especially on the puffin island Mykines during the summer month. However, they also know that the Faroe Islands still do not have mass tourism at all. There is a general understanding among people and authorities wanting the tourism industry to grow sustainably and responsibly.

Puffins are a great nature experience during the summer months. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

So what can you do to be even more welcomed when visiting the islands? If you should know only one thing before you visit, then remember to respect nature and leave the islands just as unspoiled as before you came.

Now, what are you waiting for? Make the Faroe Islands your next travel destination and experience the locals’ hospitality on these rugged Nordic islands. Get to know more about flights to Faroe Islands and take the next step.

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