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**WARNING: Spoiler for No Time to Die ahead**

Where can you find James Bond locations in the Faroe Islands? Where exactly on Kalsoy island did James Bond die in No Time To Die? Do you want to visit the breathtaking scenery where agent 007 meets his end? Why did the production team chose the Faroe Islands? Read on for the ultimate guide to the James Bond scenes filmed in the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands is the new James Bond island. The unfathomably scenic archipelago in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean is where James Bond meets his inevitable demise in No Time To Die.

James Bond is the longest film series in history. The Faroe Islands is the first place ever for James Bond to get killed off.

James Bond Faroe Islands
No Time To Die features footage from the Faroe Islands. This poster hangs in the only movie theatre in the capital Tórshavn.

No Time To Die is the twenty-fifth instalment in the 007 series. The film stands out as the first ever James Bond movie to include sceneries from the Faroe Islands.

The scenes filmed in the Faroe Islands are absolutely landmarks in the franchise’s history. Here is how the Faroe Islands are featured in No Time To Die’s showdown.

Where is Faroe Island in the James Bond movie?

The fictional lair on Kalsoy island. This beautiful island in the north of the archipelago is called Poison island in No Time To Die. This is where the villain has his hideaway. Kalsoy island is heavily animated as the only industry in the village Trøllanes is farming and there is no harbour.

The long and narrow Kalsoy island is the new James Bond island. Actually, it is Safin’s island but it surely becomes James Bond’s island towards the film’s end. The island is a visually striking place filled with unbelievable mountains and mystic valleys.

In the movie, the island is located between Russia and Japan. In real life, it is a far-flung island in the Faroe Islands known for majestic landscapes.

The dramatic isle’s northernly tip is the most beautiful and impressive part of Kalsoy island. Valleys here are deep and cliffs incredible steep. The island has been digitally edited in the movie so only the last quarter of the island is used when maps of the island are shown in the movie.

On location. Aerial filming of Kalsoy island.

Shootings for No Time To Die took place in the Faroe Islands in autumn 2019. Scenes in the movie were filmed in the village Trøllanes for two days and the crew filmed at the nearby stunning Kallur promontory and surroundings for three days. Both attractions are located on the island’s northernmost end.

The crew of 60 people that visited Kalsoy island had special expertise in visual effects. The crew used the village Trøllanes as their base when on location.

The awe-inspiring scenery at Kallur Lighthouse. The lighthouse itself is not visible in the movie. Instead, a watchtower connected to the villains Poison Garden sits at the cliff’s edge where the lighthouse is.

The scenes filmed on Kalsoy island are featured in the third and final act in the movie. This act features the resolution of the No Time To Die story and its subplots.

Kalsoy island does not only appear towards the film‘s ending. James Bond is killed on the island when the legendary film character is blown up in a missile strike. This makes scenes filmed in the Faroe Islands the very climax in the history of all James Bond motion pictures.

Why Was No Time to Die Filmed in the Faroe Islands?

The first shot from Kalsoy island filmed for the new James Bond film was made public in this trailer for No Time To Die released on 3 September 2020. The shot from the Faroe Islands can be seen at 1:23 into the trailer. The scenery is from the village Trøllanes with a large animated harbour.

The Faroe Islands are any cinematographers’ dream. The landscapes and its features in the far-flung archipelago are very dramatic. The wilderness is severe. Another unique quality about the Faroe Islands is its location close to the Arctic Circle. This provides amazing lighting conditions.

During autumn, the low sun creates an eternal moodiness throughout the day. This allows for a prolonged ‘Golden Hour’ of photography when mountains are bathing in glowing sunset light.

The autumn daylight in the Faroe Islands evokes a feeling of mystery and harshness. There is something extremely powerful and untamed about the clouds, the rough ocean and ever-changing light.

Kalsoy island is located in the north-east in the Faroe Islands. ​The villain lair in No Time To Die is located on the northernmost part of Kalsoy island. This is where James Bond dies.

It is said that the No Time To Die location manager saw a photo of an unknown valley on Instagram. He took the photo with him to a James Bond meeting in London. As the the location manager did not know where the photo was taken, he put the photo on the table at the meeting. Nobody at the meeting knew where on earth this place was. They could see that the photo was taken somewhere far north.

So at the meeting in London they decided to send the photo to a contact in one of the Nordic countries. The contact recognised the landscape, which he saw was in the Faroe Islands.

The photo was taken from the mountain Borgarin in the northernmost part of Kalsoy island. The photo showed the valley where the little village Trøllanes is nestled.

This is the angle of Kalsoy island that first caught the James Bond team’s attention. The flat summit in the bottom left corner is the mountain Borgarin.

When the production team was informed about where the photo was taken, they wanted to know more about it. They did more research using Google satellite photos. This triggered the team to go on location scouting on Kalsoy island.

As the soon as the James Bond location management came to Kalsoy island, they were blown away. They immediately knew that James Bond fans would be guaranteed unbeatable nature scenes in the final movie.

When researching the Faroe Islands as a filming location, the crew could choose many unbelievable attractions to shoot. Mesmerising sights such as the sea arch Drangarnir and the Lake above the Ocean would match 007 perfectly. Both attractions are situated on Vágar island and have risen to prominence in recent years.

The lair in No Time To Die is located here on Kalsoy island. The few houses in the valley is the village Trøllanes.

But the team was looking for the perfect place for the megalomaniac antagonist to hide. Their eyes were set on the valley where Trøllanes is located. These settings serve as the filming location.

The otherworldly nature, the unique lightning conditions and remoteness of the archipelago put the Faroe Islands on production’s radar. While the location management was on Kalsoy island they decided to include more than only the Trøllanes valley in the shootings. The location manager was impressed by the Kallurin promontory and its surroundings north of Trøllanes so scenes were also filmed there adding to the evil Lyutsifer Safin’s hideout.

Was Daniel Craig on Kalsoy Island?

There are sheer cliffs all along the western coast of Kalsoy island. The flat summit on the right hand side of the picture is the mountain Borgarin. Photo by Dominic Reardon know as @dom_reardon_photo on Instagram.

Daniel Craig was never on Kalsoy island. There were no other actors involved in the filming either. Daniel Craig really wanted to be part of the shooting on Kalsoy island. There was a logistical challenge though, which prevented him to be on location.

If the chauvinist spy should partake in the filming on Kalsoy island, it would require a staff of 100 extra people. As there is no hotel on the island and only one ferry sailing to Kalsoy island, the filming crew decided to scan the northern part of the island instead. The actors are then put into the digitally reimagined scenery on Kalsoy island.

The crew scanned the northern part of Kalsoy island using special equipment. These images are the very backbone of how the sceneries from the Faroe Islands are used in the closing sequences of No Time To Die.

The Epic James Bond Filming Location in Faroe Islands

Kallurin is the northernmost part of Kalsoy island.

The film crew filmed the unspoiled scenery around Trøllanes on Kalsoy island in the northern part of the Faroe Islands. Here the team found themselves in extraordinary nature in a deep valley surrounded by high mountains. Nearby they captured the famous sights from Kallur promontory and the spiky summit Nestindar.

Kallur Lighthouse is not featured in the film but has been replaced by a tower, which is part of Lyutsifer Safin’s hideout. It is where Kallur Lighthouse is located that James Bond stands when he is bombed by missiles in the end of No Time To Die.

Trollanes snow Guide to Faroe Islands
The small settlement in the valley is Trøllanes. The highest peak on the island is Nestindar.

On Kalsoy island the filming crew got both vertiginous rock cliffs, spiky mountain tops, untamed shorelines, and epic valleys covered in grass. The mountain top that topples when the island is bombed at the film’s end is Mount Nestindar.

From Kallurin on the most northernly part of the island, there is a stunning view to the west of the towering sea-stacks Risin & Kellingin. You will also notice a waterfall on the neighbouring island Eysturoy that drops right into the North Atlantic ocean. You will see this amazing view from an aerial shoot in the movie taken from the Kalsoyarfjørður fjord.

James Bond Death

The emotional ending of No Time to Die. Daniel Craig stands on Kalsoy island with Eysturoy island and Streymoy island as a backdrop. No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s final outing in the role.

James Bond bites the dust just next to where Kallur Lighthouse is located on Kalsoy island. The main character gets killed off in a MI6 missile strike while standing in breathtaking nature.

The pristine hills on Kalsoy island is where James Bond’s toughest threat has his base. The ultimate confrontation takes place in the Poison Garden (in Trøllanes). This is where 007 assassinates his enemy, the evil Lyutsifer Safin.

The small village Trøllanes from where you can hike for 45 minutes to the end of the island where the famed MI6 agent meets his end. Photo by Guide to Faroe Islands.

007 travels to the island to rescue Madeleine Swann and his daughter Mathilde from the villain Safin. Bond’s mission on the island is also to destroy Safin’s poison factory where he produces a biological weapon that targets individuals using lethal nanobots.

Bond’s demise comes after he has been infected with nanobots, leaving him unable to touch Madeleine or Mathilde without killing them. He is killed on the verge of a new life with his daughter and loved one, Dr. Madeleine Swann. In the end, Bond has nothing to live for but something to die for – his family.

The James Bond Tombstone

The James Bond gravestone located on the exact same spot as where the soy was last seen. Photo by Guide to Faroe Islands.

The grand finale of No Time to Die is film history written with the Faroe Islands as the filming location. As James Bond does not return home, the locals wanted to mark this special event.

Local villagers have taken it upon themselves to erect a tombstone in memory of the renowned spy. Made from Faroese basalt, the gravestone has been cut by an acclaimed stonemason in the village of Skopun.

The farmer on Kalsoy island at the event when the gravestone was revealed in March 2022. Photo by Sverri Egholm.

The heavy stone has then been transported to the exact location on Kalsoy, where Bond meets his fate in No Time to Die. A helicopter by the local Atlantic Airways flew the stone to the edge of Kalsoy island.

The James Bond gravestone stands against the backdrop of Kalsoy’s mesmerising nature. You can now visit the gravestone when on Kalsoy island.

The James Bond memorial stone in its making in the village Skopun on Sandoy island. Photo by Guide to Faroe Islands.

The design of the gravestone is in true 007 style. Its shape is the same as that of Bond’s parents’ gravestone, which featured in the 2012 Bond-film Skyfall.

Engraved on the stone are the words read by M as No Time to Die draws to an end: ‘The proper function of man is to live, not to exist’. This quote, originally by American author Jack London, was also used by Ian Fleming in the book You Only Live Twice, as part of an obituary for Bond when he was believed to have died.

How Hard Was Filming James Bond in the Faroe Islands?

The helicopter used for shooting scenes in the 25th James Bond movie. The orange helicopter is here seen on 24 September 2019 in the Faroese capital, Tórshavn, before moved to Kalsoy island.

It was an intense experience for the team filming on Kalsoy island. The weather in the Faroe Islands is unpredictable. This is also the case when visiting Faroe Islands in September.

The filming crew of 60 people had to wait several days for perfect weather. A local crew of 120 people from the Faroe Islands also had to wait for good weather conditions.

Wind, rain and fog kept the team on hold waiting. Then finally the scenic scenes on Kalsoy island including helicopter shots turned out moody and awesome.

Local James Bond crew from Kalsoy island at the No Time to Die premier in Tórshavn on 29 September 2021.

All the locals managed to keep the filming on Kalsoy island secret while on location. The locals used different cover ups for keeping everything under the radar. Some said that they were fencing the outfield together with the farmer. Other told people that they were working on a documentary about puffins in Trøllanes.

Gear and equipment used for the filming on Kalsoy island was transported from the island again on 2 October 2019. The filming equipment left the Faroe Islands the same evening with the passenger ferry Norrøna departing from Tórshavn.

How to Get to Kalsoy Island

Kalsoy island is one of the most sought-after attractions in the Faroe Islands. There is a limited number of travellers on the island at the same time as you need to take a 20 minutes ferry from the nearby island Borðoy in order to reach Kalsoy island. The ferry SAM is the only link between Borðoy island and Kalsoy island.

The ferry takes 120 people and no more than 12 cars. The quite old ferry sails between 4 to 8 times per day between the islands Borðoy and Kalsoy. The highest frequency is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with 8 departures and on Sundays there are 4 departures.

The Official James Bond Faroe Islands Tour

Guide to Faroe Islands is proud to offer you The Official James Bond Faroe Islands Tour. Joining the official tour will get you to the exact spot where it all happened and James Bond died.

The dramatic landscapes in No Time To Die are a kay signature in the 25th franchise. Exploring Kalsoy island on this tour will let you experience the scenes and nature in Faroe Islands used in No Time To Die.

Breathtaking views from Kallurin.

No Time To Die was initially due for release in April 2020. It was delayed twice due to Covid-19.

The first re-schedule was set on April 2021. The release was delayed once again and landed in UK movie theatres on 30 September 2021. It arrived on the big screen 8 October 2021 in the US.

Would you like to experience the Faroe Islands scenes in No Time To Die with your own eyes? Looking for an out-of-this-world Bondesque adventure? Want to stand at the same spot where James Bond died? Guide to Faroe Islands is proud to off the Official James Bond Tour of Kalsoy Island ready for you to book.

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